Let's Get Ready For Spring!

It’s time to get ready for spring with new outfits by The Very Trendy Caterpillar. Based in New Jersey, The Very Trendy Caterpillar is an online children’s clothing boutique and creates seasonal designs and outfits for kids with adorable colors and clothing to match the weather. With the coming of spring, our boutique collections are beginning to change! Here is how you can dress your caterpillar for the coming season. Check out our collections today!

What colors are trending this spring?

Spring means new growth, warmer weather, and, most importantly, the approach of summer. You want the clothing your kids wear to match the feel of spring! This means pastels and brighter colors are always trending. In addition to those colors, however, khaki and other neutral colors are also in style this spring.

Time to shed some layers

With the warmer weather comes a need for lighter clothing. That means bring on the shorts! At the Very Trendy Caterpillar, we’ve swapped out the pants and have some adorable short sets coming your way! Keep an eye on our new dresses and boys outfits as well. To see our spring collections, check out our store today.

Fun patterns that scream spring!

Flowers, bees, and dinosaurs, oh my! From greenery to construction equipment, our patterns change from snowy scenery to warm-weather activities. Our cute spring patterns are designed to bring out the fun of spring and the refreshing change that comes with the melting snow. 

Easter is on it's way

Easter is on its way! What an amazing time to dress up your little caterpillars with some of the cutest easter outfits of the year. We love Easter at The Very Trendy Caterpillar and love to design new outfits for the holiday. We create cute easter outfits specific for Easter, so check back when the day gets closer for boutique outfits you can only find here!

Spring is one of our favorite times of the year because we get to design and release the cutest spring outfits! Be sure to check out our website for weekly releases all season long and join our Facebook group for early releases.